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Order #326322000469592470 - with no tracking code

  Writer: REGINALDO   Date:2011-05-09 09:51:08

Here is the policy about tracking number.

About order # 326322000469592470, sorry you did not choose register number when you pay so there is no for it. We stoped it now, please send 2.5usd for tracking number then we will send it for you.

Please pay to our paypal account ,
You can send money with PayPal directly by following these steps:
1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click the Send Money tab. please choose "Personal payments" and choose "Others", click Continue
3. Fill out the form. leave note to tell the reason
4. Click Continue.
Review the details of the payment, including the Source of Funds.
Click Send Money to send the payment.
Thank you.

Please send email to then we can follow the order, thank you.


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