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Undelivered order

  Writer: liantieliang   Date:2016-04-19 10:48:16  

Thank you for your support to TinyDeal.

As it is international shipping, it is a long distance. Generally it takes 15-30 business days (2-4 weeks) for delivery depending on your location. However, the shipping time may last to 50 days in special Festivals such as Spring Festival and Christmas Day. If there is strike or natural disasters in your place, the order may be delayed too.

If you do not get the item in 35 days from the shipping date, please inform us. We will write to the post office to check. If the time you inform us about the non-delivery is beyond the query term, post office will refuse to check. Then the loss of the order will be your own responsibility,
The following information are the query term for different post office:

Express Available Query Period
DHL 2 months(from the shipping date)
European Express
Russia economy express
China to Australia Express
China to United States Express
China to United Kingdom Express
Registered Air Mail Available Query Period
EUB 3 months(from the shipping date)
Registered Netherlands Post
Registered China Post
Registered Swiss Post
Registered Sweden Post
Registered Singapore Post
Registered Hong Kong Post 5 months(from the shipping date)
Hong Kong Overweight Parcel

 Related FAQ “How to track my order?”:
We will get back to you as soon as we get any feedback from post office. It may take Two - Three months to get reply from post office. At the time we check with the post office, you may also keep contacting your post office to check, as your package may be just delayed by the above mentioned factors. If you receive your order during this period, please let us know.

Basically we are not able to refund until the package is lost and confirmed lost by the post office, because we send every parcel properly, and we couldn't control the customs restriction and the dispatch work of the post office. This is the company policy of Tinydeal.

However, if the order has been too long, such as 3 months or even longer and still not received, we will probably give our customer a partial refund as compensation according to different cases. This is also a responsibility of Tinydeal, to care for our customers and focus on our customer service.

Any questions please contact us by Customer Service Express:


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