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Overseas Warehouse Return Policy

  Writer: liantieliang   Date:2015-10-09 17:51:28  

Welcome to tinydeal

Since we started Overseas Warehouse, our parcels are delivered from different warehouse. We try our best to make sure the products shipped to our customers are in the best condition. If your product turns out to be defective (physical damage or incorrect use excluded), and a valid claim is received by customer service within warranty period, we will offer repair service, exchange, new appurtenances for replacement or a reasonable refund.

Important Notes:
1. All customers should contact us by Customer Service Express ( before returning any item(s). Including products shipped from Overseas Warehouses. TD will not be responsible for returned item(s) without notifying us in advance.
2. Please do not return the products to the package sender's address directly, otherwise it may take long time for us to receive your product, or lead to worse consequences. We will give you details about return after you contact us.
3. As the return policy and the stated in Shipping & Returns:, please note that customers should take responsibility for the return postage.
4. For additional details, please refer to:

Any other questions please feel free to contact us on

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