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How to order from overseas warehouse?

  Writer: wanglan   Date:2015-09-24 16:33:39  

Welcome to TinyDeal.

Here are steps about how to order from overseas warehouse:
1. Login your TD account.
2. Open the directory of “Overseas Warehouse” and choose a proper warehouse that is available for your country.
3. Your country should belong to available shipping countries of our overseas warehouse, let’s take “Netherlands”  for example.

4. Choose an item you are interested in the EU warehouse, such as xiaomi band WWT-364568:
Then you will see there are option for “shipping from”, then you choose the right warehouse, and add to your shopping cart.

5. After you added it to your shopping cart, you can check your shopping cart and you will see the item model changed to WWT-364568-UK, it means this item will be sent from UK warehouse.

Other suffix you may see like -ES, -DE, -US, etc., they represent different overseas warehouses.


1. If your country belongs to the shipping list of our overseas warehouse, you will see the option of "shipping from" and you can choose overseas  warehouse. Otherwise, you could not see the option, and the order will be sent from China.
2. If your country is available for shipping from overseas warehouse, but could not see the option for “shipping from”, the reason is that the item is out of stock in the overseas warehouse for the moment. You can try to order it later or choose shipping from China.

Any questions please contact us by Customer Service Express:

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