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How to install the correct Google Play Store to your (Android) phone/tablet.

  Writer: liantieliang   Date:2015-08-20 14:56:35  

Recently, we received a problem most customers concerned that they cannot use Google Play Store. Someone told that the device does not have the app. And someone told that the app flashes back or there is no reaction when they click the label of the app. Please don’t worry. This is the tutorial for you to install the correct Google Play Store to your phone or tablet. (Android)

Step1: Download two necessary tools: 1. Google Services Framework, 2. Play store (Please search the latest version to download)

Step2: Download Google Play services (Note: This step is a little complicated but it is the key):

Firstly: Open then link:
And you will see the page like this:

You just need to check the three numbers which we indicate in the picture (The red frame)

Secondly: You need to know three features of your device: Android version, CPU and Screen DPI.

Finally: Find the correct version to download.
Tips: Please download Google Play services with the correct version According to the one-to-one correspondence.
There is a table for your checking:

First number =  Android version

Second number = CPU

Third number = Screen  DPI

0 = below android 5.0                 

1 = armeabi 

0 = Generic version

4 = Android 5.0 or above 5.0               

3 = armeabi=v7a      

2 = 160 

7 = Android 5.0 or above 5.0              

4 = arm64=v8a

4 = 240 

8 = TV version                  

7 = x86      

6 = 320 



8 = 480

We give three examples:
1. If your device is Android 5.0, CPU is arm64-v8a, and Screen DPI is 320, you need to choose 446 (Or 746) to download.

2.If your device is Android 5.0, CPU is armeabi-v7a, and Screen DPI is Generic version, you need to choose 430 (or 730) to download.
3.If your device is Android TV version, CPU is armeabi-v7a, and Screen DPI is Generic version, you need to choose 030 to download.

Step3: After you download the correct the version, please enter: Setting --- App --- All, then Clear the Cache of Google Service Framework, Play Store and Google Play services.

Step4: Restart your device and Login.

Any questions please contact us by Customer Service Express:

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