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TD point status

  Writer:    Date:2014-01-07 02:07:53  

Welcome to TinyDeal.

1. Valid points 

(Including activity points, reviews points and extended affiliate points )

You will get a special reward of 1-4 TinyDeal Points when each review, comment or product image submitted is approved on our website.

If you want to know Extended Affiliate points in detail please check the following FAQ:

2. Valid after 60 days

(Including bought points and affiliate points)

TinyDeal point is rewarded at 10% of total amount spent (including shipping charges if any) and we round up to 2 decimal points. i.e. If you purchase $20.94 items from us, your account will be credited 2.09 TD points.

If you want to know Affiliate points in detail please check the following FAQ:

For example: If you get this kind of points on 2014-03-01 then these points can be used after 60 days, which means you can use them from 2014-05-01.

3. Invalid points

Invalid points are for the cancelled order or order that did not pay successfully. Bought points and review points will be invalid after 1 year (from the obtained date).

4. Frozen Points

Frozen points is just a transition state. It will be updated soon according to the order status. It will be turned to “valid after 60 days points” when we receive your payment.  Or will be turned to “invalid points” if the payment is unsuccessful.

Any questions please contact us by Customer Service Express:

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