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How to process the affiliate program?

  Writer: zengdongqing   Date:2013-05-08 16:15:20  


Here are the two ways to process the affiliate program.

1.Get your own unique referral code and link.

1)Go to your TD account, and find the affiliate program and click it.

after click it  you see the below chart:


2)click the bottom confirm, then the chart will turn into this :


1.There is unique referral code for you, once your friend click the link you put on your page , and successfully done the order with us, then our system will automatically judge it and will offer the TD points.
2. Do remember the copy link bottom is available for IE browser, if you use other browser , you need to use ctrl + c then can copy the link.

And the following is the ways to start your affiliate program


1. To recommend to your friend via email
In the below chart you will see the following form needed to fill with:
1)The customer’s name, email
2)friend’s name and email
3)leave the message if necessary to your friend,

Click the send if everything is done, the email will be sent to customer’s friend as the greed chart shows:

2.Advertise Our Products on Your Website


1)You can choose the product category, and the source
2)The quantity is available for option by you.
3)Enter some key words
4)Click the bottom Generate then the product will be shown as the picture shows.
5)Copy the link on the chart of the Html Snippet, and you can put it on your website

6)Get the link and put it on your website like face book or twitter or any other site you have and once your friend click and done the successfully order by the product, the TD points will goes to you automatically by our system.

Any other questions please feel free to contact us on

And we would answer you within 24 hours.


Thank you.

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